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Administrative Info.
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Savings Plan
Table Of Contents
Expense Letter

Educational Benefit Program
Features of the program

Vision Care Plan
Using the Vision Care Plan
Summary Plan Description
Summary Plan Description Plan I

Summary Plan Description Plan II
Summary Plan Description Plan III
Summary Plan Description Plan IV
Summary Plan Description Plan J
Summary Plan Description Plan IC9
Summary Plan Description Plan IC18
Summary Plan Description Rite Aid
Full Time Single

Central PA
Comet Markets Part Time
Comet Markets Full Time
Physical Well-Being Program

What is covered
How much is covered
Using the Physical Well-being program
Advantage of using a participating facility
Participating Facilities
Forms To Download
Physical Well-Being Benefit Direct Reimbursement Form

Weekly Group Accident & Sickness Disability Insurance Claim Form

Prescription Incentive Program claim Form

Dental Change Request Form

Dental benefits Program

Flexible Benefits Plan Claim Form

2002 Other Prescription Drug Benefit Information

Pension Plan 
Summary Plan Description

Legal Fund
Legal Service Plan
Administrative Info.

Dental Program
How to Enroll
How the Plan Works
What the Plan Pays
Pediatric Dentistry
Filing Claims
Special Provisions
Missed/cancelled Appointments
Dental Emergencies
Contact Us
Participating Dental Providers
Prescription Incentive Program
Who is Eligible?
Overview of the Program
Calculation of Earned Credits/Reimbursement of Out-of Pocket Costs

Net savings
Using Your Earned Credits

Year 2002 Choice Benefits
Benefits Focused on Employee Needs
Your Medical Plan Options
Your Choice Benefits
Supplemental Life Insurance
What You Must Do Now