Plan administered by: UFCW Local  1776 and Participating Employers Health and Welfare Fund

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Obtaining a college education is no longer a luxury but a growing necessity. Our unique educational benefit program is available to full and part time members of Local 1776.

THE EDUCATIONAL BENEFIT PROGRAM was collectively bargained on your behalf.
This benefit is available to you only if you are eligible under your collective bargaining agreement. It provides you with the unique opportunity to embark on an educational program to suit your individual needs. You can take the initiative and make it happen for you. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose, except the opportunity to further your education.
The Educational Benefit Program is contingent upon the following terms:

The benefit is available to the employee-participant only. Employees with over ten years of service are also eligible for a $300 reimbursement for dependent children under the age of 24 attending post-secondary educational institutions.

Maximum benefit up to $1,000 per calendar year (between January and December) is based upon pass-fail grades. A copy of the semester report card must be sent to the Fund Office.

If a voucher is issued, participants must remain continuously employed for the duration of the semester. In the event that a participant terminates employment, withdraws from a course or does not complete the course(s) with a passing grade, the participant is responsible for reimbursing the Fund for the prepaid tuition paid on the participants behalf. If direct reimbursement is requested, a copy of the paid tuition bill and semester grade report should be sent to the Fund office for prompt reimbursement at the completion of the semester.

The $1,000 educational benefit covers direct tuition costs only. Registration fees and books are not covered.

Only fully accredited educational institutions such as Colleges, Universities, Community and Junior Colleges, Trade and Vocational Schools qualify for this benefit.